Family Response Questions-

  • What successes has your family achieved?
Mom bought a great house! The house is located in a beautiful neighborhood in Wauwatosa. My sisters love their school, and even though my high school is far away I love it too. I'm stuck with mowing the lawn, shoveling, and trimming the bushes. Our neighbors are very thoughtful and they keep a close eye on crime in the neighborhood. I'm not even afraid that if I forget to lock my car, that someone will break in. Also another successes is that since we dont make that much as some of the other families, I am definately happy with what we have to pay in taxes!

  • What failures has your family endured?
Our family isn't financially secure at all. We only put $28.10 in the bank. We have no money to spend anywhere. I can't even go anywhere with my friends and spend money until I get a job. We simply don't have enough money, and were poor. Since I'm in High School I like to go eat with my friends and buy things, but I cant at all since mom doesn't make enough money. Also I think another faliure is that we bought a car for a little over our price range

  • What changes does your family need to make in order to be more financially secure?
Our family needs to get financially secure no matter what. Our first vehicle was a little too much so I think selling our Mazda for something cheaper would help. Also even though I love my house, I believe $189,900 was to much to spend. We need money to spend and to put more in the bank. The best fix would be for Miranda to get a better paying job that makes more than what she originally makes of $60,000.00 per year.

  • Could your family withstand the loss of a primary job for three months?
My family could not withstand the loss of a primary job for three months. We can only place $28.10 in the bank per month and of course that isn't enough money to even withstand a month. So hopefully mom will never loose her job.